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Talent is the most important asset for organizations to stay ahead of the competition and be successful. The competition for talent has never been as fierce as it is today:  there is a record shortage of well-trained staff in almost every sector. And with the fast-changing world—just think of the rapid advance of digitization—different demands are being made on the competencies of your employees. Ways of working are also changing. This has only been further accelerated by the pandemic. 

So more than ever, organizations will need to differentiate themselves in the way they attract, develop, and retain talent. Optimizing the employee experience very often requires an HR transformation. HR technology can be of help here.

More than just bringing a new system live

DayConnect believes, however, that HR technology—whether you call it an HRIT system, Human Capital Management (HCM) software, or a workforce information system (HRIS)—is just a means to an end, not an end in itself. In fact, the digital transformation of your HR is more than just IT. We have an eye for both the hard and soft aspects of your HR transformation and we make sure that the HRIT system fits your organization like a glove. That way, HR and all your employees will actually use the system and get the most out of it.

DayConnect has considerable experience in both HR and IT and unburdens organizations with the implementation and configuration of a new HRIT system. Together we make your HR future-proof.

Digital transformation

Companies and organizations are rapidly transforming in response to a changing future. They are going to work more agile, digitalize their services, enter other markets and regions, or grow through mergers and acquisitions. To make these transformations successful, the HR department is transforming accordingly. For example, HR is increasingly being deployed strategically so it can continue to make a difference in the future—HR as a business partner instead of an administrative tool. The administrative processes are ideal for automation, so that HR staff can focus on the things they do best: supporting employees and managers.


DayConnect takes care of the implementation and configuration of your new HRIT system. We provide first time implementations of various software vendors. While most implementation partners choose one package, we are known for our broad expertise. Currently, DayConnect provides implementation and configuration of the following HCM packages: Oracle HCM, Ceridian Dayforce and Talentsoft.

About us

DayConnect is an experienced implementation and configuration partner for HR technology. We don't stick to one vendor but offer support for various HRIT or HCM systems. Located in the heart of the Eindhoven Brainport region, we support internationally operating customers all over the world, with a focus on the Benelux; the Nordic countries; and Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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